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GSR Kits
ISID-2™ Instant Shooter Identification Kit  

Category 1 $27.30 per kit                        Category 2  $30.25 per kit

(All states excluding Category 2 list)                 (CA, FL, GA, MA, MS, NC, NH, NM, RI, SC)

Kit Includes:                                                      Kit Includes:

4 Sample Collection Vials                                7 Sample Collection Vials

* Left Hand                                                        * Left Hand Back

* Right Hand                                                      * Left Hand Front

* Face                                                                 * Left Hand Index & Webbing

* Control                                                             * Right Hand Front

                                                                            * Right Hand Back

                                                                            * Right Hand Index & Webbing

                                                                            * Control                                                               


Don’t allow your shooter to simply walk away! This Gunshot Residue (GSR) field test is:

Accurate! Over 90% accuracy rate through extensive field testing.  Helps Law Enforcement to quickly determine who  has fired a weapon while in the field — yields results in five minutes!

Effective! Results obtained in field yield investigative data when desired, positive test results can be preserved and delivered to Crime Lab for SEM testing, which can provide evidentiary data.

Easy! Minimal training required. Simply sticky-tab swab the suspect, place tabs into an evidence envelope, seal with evidence tape and send to the forensic lab.

Affordable! Cost is a fraction of most tests. Now GSR testing can be performed on a range of suspects, or to analyze

a crime scene